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Public Interest Journalism Foundation

The Public Interest Journalism Foundation was established in 2009 within the Institute for Social Research at Swinburne University of Technology. The Board of the Foundation is composed of leading journalists, academics, new media innovators and community activists.

Why a Public Interest Journalism Foundation?

It is in everyone’s interests to have an informed and engaged community that is fair and equitable, progres­sive and accountable. Journalism and media that are independent and committed to community well-being are vital to this.

Public interest journalism is being challenged and threatened by rapid and fundamental changes in technology that alter the way in which citizens are informed, and threaten the business models that have tradition­ally supported journalism. Yet equally, the same technological changes hold enormous potential for both sustaining existing forms of public interest journalism, and exploring new relationships between journalists and their audiences. New media technology provides opportunities for communities of all sizes, locations and interests to better connect, engage and contribute to the public interest.

The Public Interest Journalism Foundation is about conversations, collaborations and experiments that will help identify and develop pathways that make a difference to the sustainability of public interest journalism, and therefore enhanced community well-being.

The Mission

The Foundation promotes and enables innovation in public interest journalism. It develops and tests emerg­ing models of journalism to inform an engaged and accountable society. Our guiding principle is public interest through knowledge development, collaboration and sustainability. We act with integrity, honesty, transpar­ency and independence.

PIJ Foundation- The First Projects

The Public Interest Journalism Foundation has announced that it will pursue three initiatives designed to promote journalism of public importance in the new media age.

The three initiatives are:

  • YOUCOMMNEWS – An audience driven commissioning mechanism
  • The NEW NEWS 2010 - A Digital News Media Expo
  • An Investigative and Public Interest Journalism Resource Centre