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Socially Sustainable Technologies Flagship

The Socially Sustainable Technologies Flagship examines the social dimensions of emerging technologies. It is one of four key programs at The Swinburne Institute of Social Research.

The Flagship is multi-disciplinary, and its people include specialists from Sociology, Management, Communications, Public Policy and Psychology.

It takes a broad view of technology, including 'hard' technologies (such as a new medical device) and 'soft' technologies (such as Wikipedia, or a new business model, or a new way of organizing the labour process).

In particular, the Flagship addresses three key themes. First, it examines public, government and industry engagement with science and technology, including attitudes, policy and communication. Examples include public engagement around climate change science, cervical cancer vaccines, and coal seam gas.

Second, it examines the dynamics of innovation, from invention through to commercialisation. Examples include the network dynamics of innovation, technology hubs and clusters, and the sourcing of capital.

Third, it examines transitions in socio-technical, economic and political regimes. Examples include the mining tax debate, regulatory frameworks for genetic research, and the emergent 'green economy'.

The Socially Sustainable Technologies Flagship has a vibrant postgraduate program, and welcomes inquiries about postgraduate supervision. It also has a Working Paper Seminar Series, and a suite of projects, many of them in collaboration with industry partners.